Poly With a Big Heart belongs to Rusty (she/her), and the occasional guest blogger. I identify as kinky, sex-positive, non-binary, and feminist.

face picI’m also a mother of three, a community leader, a finance professional, a writer, and a haver of relationships that do not fit into the prescriptive norms of a primarily monogamous society. I’m polyamorous, and a relationship anarchist!

I categorize my approach to polyamory as egalitarian (meaning I do not practice hierarchy) with a heavy lean towards solo poly (meaning I prioritize autonomy over interdependence). The relationship escalator is a thing I enjoy, but I also enjoy letting each partnership find its own level independent of any other. I subscribe to the Relationship Anarchy style of labeling in that sometimes a label fits and other times it doesn’t and that doesn’t really affect how I love or prioritize anyone.

I practice ethical, consensual non-monogamy – this means that all partners involved have consented to the relationships we have. This includes their other partners. I believe that trust and honesty are fundamental building blocks in relationships, and I encourage all efforts to grow in those areas.

Questions? I’m happy to answer them. Use the Contact page to shoot me a message and I’ll answer it on the blog!

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